Oak Neck Lane Association
Oak Neck Estates is a private community of homeowners residing on Oak Neck Lane
and the residential lanes which adjoin Oak Neck Lane in West Islip, New York.
Oak Neck Lane Association maintains the roads, beautification and private security
for the community.
Road Update

Based upon the latest weather forecast for this week (rain Tuesday and
Wednesday) the best day for roadwork to re-start is Thursday December 1 at

This is our best estimate that can be determined by the Sunday evening
November 28 long range forecast.
Work will start on balance of Athena Ct. then Michalis Ct. and Elena Ct. then
finally Oak Neck Lane.
Again we ask your cooperation in keeping everything off the street - autos,
basketball hoops, boats in order to get these roads completed.

If you have any questions please contact the Road Committee members on the
Oak Neck Lane website.

ONLA Board